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Due to the current political situation in Myanmar we will not be sourcing new Burmese amber inclusions for the forseable future.  The amber mines of Kachin state have long been mined by the indigenous Kachin people who have been fighting for independence for decades. 

In 2017 the Myanmar military moved to oust the Kachin people and take control of the mines.  This offensive has killed and displaced thousands of Kachin people and has been condemned by the UN as a genocide and a crime against humanity.  The military now operate these mines and amber is being mined under horrendous conditions.  As all purchases of freshly mined amber from this region lines the pockets of the Myanmar military, we will no longer be sourcing new Burmese amber specimens. 

Any new amber pieces which are listed are from existing stock (of which there is little left).  Once the existing stock is sold, we will not be offering any new Burmese amber inclusions until the Myanmar military hand back the land and control of the amber mines to the Kachin people.  Most scientific journals have also banned the publication of new papers on Burmese amber.  We would urge collectors to be conscious of the current situation of Myanmar when purchasing any Burmese amber specimens as some dealers may be unaware of the current human costs associated with the Burmese amber trade.

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