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DinoFossilsUK A very rare tooth from the Hadrosauroid Batyrosaurus rozhdestvenskyi.  Batyrosaurus was named in 2012 and is considered to be the youngest non-hadrosaurid hadrosauroid.

It's found in the Bostobe Formation of Kazakhstan and its discovery is an indicition that hadrosaurids originally developed in Asia, before moving migrating to North America.

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DinoFossilsUK We have available an awesome juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex tooth from the Lance formation, Wyoming. This is a gorgeous little tooth, very robust. No repairs or restoration. as always any questions just get in touch. #dinofossilsuk #fossilforsale .

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DinoFossilsUK Hi everyone, today we have for you a huge Spinosaurus dinosaur tooth from the Kem Kem Beds of Morocco. This is a very large, chunky tooth featuring some nice enamel and one repair (no restoration). Available now at #fossilsforsale #dinofossilsuk

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DinoFossilsUK Some rare pieces of dinosaur age amber from the Lance Formation of Wyoming. The Lance Formation was deposited by streams along a coastal plain. The fauna found here are the same as that of the Hell Creek Formation and include many well known dinosaurs (Triceratops, Edmontosaurus, T. rex) as well as reptiles, fish, amphibians, birds and small mammals.

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dinofossilsuk Hi everyone! Here are some of our most recently added saurornitholestes langstoni dinosaur teeth from the Judith River Formation. Saurornitholestes was a lightly-built dromaeosaur 'raptor' dinosaur measuring roughly 6ft long and closely resembled its asian counterpart Velociraptor.

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DinoFossilsUK This beautiful fossil is an ex-museum display piece from a small private museum in Italy and consists of a Mosasaur jaw presented in a plaster jacket.  I believe the jaw belongs specifically to the species Mosasaurus beaugei.
The whole piece measures 3.66ft in length and has many teeth still intact.  As would be expected, a few teeth have been reattached but there is no restoration and no obvious signs of any composite teeth. Available now at #dinofossilsuk #fossilforsale

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DinoFossilsUK A Carcharodontosaurid dinosaur tooth from a newly discovered site in Talsint, located in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.  
No dinosaurs have been formally described from this area as of yet, however it contains both Cretaceous and Jurassic sites. The Cretaceous outcrops have a fauna similar to that of the Kem Kem Beds 500km to the south and are thought to be roughly the same age.  This tooth would make an interesting addition to any collection! Available now at #dinofossilsuk #fossilforsale

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DinoFossilsUK Here's an exceptionally well preserved Iguanodon sacrum from Brighstone Beach on the Isle of Wight. The sacrum was found in one piece, needing no repairs, and features neural arches and processes. There is no restoration to this piece, it's all original and weighs in at just over 3kg. #fossilforsale #dinofossilsuk

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DinoFossilsUK For #fossilfriday a Cretaceous Abelisaurid dinosaur tooth from Talsint in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco. The fauna found in these Cretaceous deposits is similar to that of the Kem Kem Beds to the south, but is possibly slightly different in age. #dinofossilsuk #fossilsforsale .