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DinoFossilsUK For #fossilfriday a Cretaceous Abelisaurid dinosaur tooth from Talsint in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco. The fauna found in these Cretaceous deposits is similar to that of the Kem Kem Beds to the south, but is possibly slightly different in age. #dinofossilsuk #fossilsforsale .

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DinoFossilsUK We were recently lucky enough to acquire this stunning Jurassic age Sauropod tooth from Madagascar. Now available on our website!

#dinofossilsuk #fossilsforsale.

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DinoFossilsUK A gorgeous Woolly Rhinoceros jaw with four teeth from the North Sea. During the Pleistocene epoch the bottom of the present day North Sea was a large expanse of land known as "Doggerland", joining Britain to continental Europe.

This jaw has a couple of repairs but no restoration and is in excellent condition with four very well preserved teeth. Makes for an excellent display piece. #dinofossilsuk #fossilsforsale

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DinoFossilsUK A very good section of Ichthyosaur jaw from the Posidonia Shale Formation, Holzmaden, Germany. This piece features over 30 small teeth, dislodged and scattered across the jaw and surrounding rock. The surrounding shale features a few repairs. #dinofossilsuk #fossilsforsale

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DinoFossilsUK A beautiful, extra large (4 inch) Carcharodontosaurus tooth from the Kem Kem Beds of Morocco.  This is a collectors grade tooth with gorgeous, dark red enamel, part of the root intact and only one neat repair (no restoration).  Quality Carcharotonosaurus teeth such as this are very rare! #dinofossilsuk #fossilforsale .

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DinoFossilsUK Part of our picks for October is this quality Triceratops tooth from Carter County, Montana (Hell Creek Formation). This is a very beautiful little tooth crown from a juvenile and features one very neat repair. Available now at #dinofossilsuk #fossilsforsale .

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DinoFossilsUK Some very awesome Cave bear fossils have recently been listed on our website! Here we have some gorgeous teeth and a cave bear (Ursus spelaeus) jaw from the Carpathian Mountains of Romania.  This is a good sized jaw with five teeth.  There are a couple of neat repairs, mostly consisting of a bit of putty at the base of the teeth to keep them stable..... These and lots more cave bear fossils are available on our website! #dinofossilsuk #fossilforsale .

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DinoFossilsUK A Jurassic age sauropod (Eusauropoda indet.) tooth from Madagascar.  A gorgeous little tooth featuring no repairs, a good portion of its root and a bit of damage to the top of the crown.  A very nice sauropod tooth from a rare locality. #dinofossilsuk #fossilsforsale 

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DinoFossilsUK A stunning fossil frog from the famous Yixian Formation (famous for its preservation of soft tissue and feathered dinosaurs). I believe the genus is Liaobatracus, but I'm not 100% sure.  Both positive and negative sides of this specimen are present and it features some amazing soft tissue preservation. The surrounding matrix is littered with clam shrimp.  Lots of photos provided, but more available upon request.  This piece features a couple of neat repairs but no restoration or enhancing. #dinofossilsuk #fossilforsale .