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Dino Fossils UK is an online rock and fossil store located in South Wales, Great Britain.  Borne of a love for fossils, I aim to keep my items reasonably priced and affordable for new collectors.  To avoid confusion, I don't deal in any casts or replicas, with all the items listed on the site being genuine fossils.

While most of my fossils are sold to private collectors, I've sold many specimens to universities and a number to world famous natural history museums in Europe, the United States and Canada.

I have thousands of happy customers on eBay and you can check out their feedback here.  I also have a trust pilot page and am keen to gather some more reviews, so if you're a past customer please consider leaving a review here!

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Hi my name's Matthew, I'm the founder and joint owner of Dino Fossils UK.  I'm 31 years old and love fossils! 

Like many amateur collectors, dealers and professional palaeontologists my age, Jurassic Park had a huge influence on me as a kid, helping to foster a passion for dinosaurs that has persisted into adulthood.  As I grew up my interests broadened to encompass all kinds of fossils, but dinosaurs still hold a special place in my heart.  I try to stock a large variety of specimens but make particular effort when it comes to my range of dinsoaur fossils.

Running this business now takes up a lot of my time but I also like to get out and collect fossils whenever I get the chance.  Britain has some amazing fossil hunting locations, so if you're looking to head out and find some fossils yourself and want some advice on good sites to visit, drop me an email!

In addition, if you have questions about any of the fossils listed on my site or about fossils in general, I'm easy to contact via e-mail ([email protected]) or Instagram / Facebook / Twitter.  I'm often contacted regarding the identification of fossils people have purchased or found and am always more than happy to offer advice, so don't hesitate to get in touch.


Are your fossils real?

Yes!  Every item listed on the website is genuine, with no casts or replicas.

Where do you get your fossils?

A broad range of sources.  Before I started Dino Fossils UK I collected fossils as a hobby and built up lots of contacts.  To give you an idea of how some items are sourced - my North American dinosaur fossils come from individuals in the States with whom I've been dealing for many years.  They spend much of the summer season hunting for fossils on Private Land (either their own land or with permission from the land owner) and then offer these fossils to dealers such as myself.  In the case of Moroccan fossils, many of these come from sources in Morocco.  Some towns in Morocco rely heavily on the trade in fossils for income, such as those near the famous Kem Kem Beds.  In other cases, some of my most common and cheapest varieties of fossils come from wholesalers here in the UK.

How are fossils so cheap?

I often get this question from those new to fossil collecting.  The answer is, fossils are actually very common!  Well, at least most types.  Many of the less expensive fossils I offer for sale come from highly productive fossil beds.  Take Morocco for example, this is a country with some incredibly productive fossil sites.  The phosphate mines of Khouribga yield huge quantites of Mosasaur, shark and Plesiosaur teeth, while the Kem Kem Beds are rich in Spinosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus and crocodile fossils.  Both areas are mined intensively for their fossils, which are then sold onto dealers and museum gift shops around the world!

Don't fossils belong in a museum?

It depends on the fossil.  Rare fossils which are of scientific interest must always be made available to science, but the overwhelming majority of fossils which are collected and sold hold no scientific value.  Without the commercial trade in fossils and private individuals heading out into the field, most of the discoveries which have helped shape our understanding of Earth's past would never have been made.  Without dedicated fossil hunters trekking up and down Britian's Jurassic Coast in the wind and rain, many of the fossils which are washed from the cliffs would be lost to the sea before they were ever discovered.  Similarly if it weren't for individuals hunting for fossils under the blazing sun in the badlands of Montana, many of the fossils you see for sale from the Hell Creek Formation would have bleached in the sun and, within a year or two, weathered away to nothing.  I would much prefer a fossil were in the hands of a collector than left to turn to dust!

Do you offer certificates of authenticity?

No, I don't offer certificates of authenticity.  While I know some other dealers do offer them and, honestly, it would be easier for me to follow suit rather than explain why I dont, I find the practice of sending certificates a bit misleading.  Most of the certificates you receive from dealers will amount to little more than a piece of paper stating a business name and maybe a signature.  While this may make new collectors feel a little more comfortable that their fossils are real, I can't in all good conscience send out a piece of paper than holds no real weight.  My advice to new collectors would be this: start by doing a little research before you jump into buying your first fossil.  Chose a particular fossil you like and do some studying.  You may also want to consider joining The Fossil Forum.  I can't recommend this forum highly enough, it's full of friendly, experienced collectors who are always more than happy to help out someone looking to buy their first fossil.  Finally, while I don't send certificates I always offer a lifetime guarentee that your fossil is authentic.

Can I see any of your customer feedback?

Yes!  I have thousands of reviews on eBay, so you can check out feedback for my store here.

What are your shipping policies?

You can check them out here

Do you have a shop I can visit?

No, unfortunately I don't have a shop which customers can visit.  However I do plan to participate in fossil shows in the near future and hopefully one day have a shop!

I'm on a budget, what's the cheapest and coolest fossil I can purchase?

That's a tough one as there's quite a lot to choose from, but it's a question I get often (usually from parents looking to buy fossils for their kids).  You obviously can't go wrong with a dinosaur tooth, so Spinosaurus teeth are a great choice (you can get a pretty good one for under £20).  Similarly, Triceratops teeth are suprisingly inexpensive.  If you're looking for something cheaper still, maybe consider a Mosasaur tooth, a small Baltic amber inclusion or maybe even one of the low cost fossil sets I have to offer?