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DinoFossilsUK Budget T-Rex tooth pieces priced from just £7.99 have been added to our store (link in our profile). All the pieces for sale come from a couple of T-Rex teeth that were found shattered and broken beyond repair. A very inexpensive way to add a Rex fossil to your collection! #dinofossilsuk #fossilsforsale.

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DinoFossilsUK Two gorgeous Oviraptor (Elongatoolithid) dinosaur eggs from Henan Province, China. This piece consists of one and a half eggs, both have very good eggshell coverage and feature some excellent detail. This piece has been nicely prepped and stabalised. Would make for a stunning display piece. More available at www.dinofossils.co.uk (link in profile) #dinofossilsuk #fossilsforsale .


DinoFossilsUK An excellent Saurornitholestes langstoni dinosaur tooth from the Judith River Formation. Saurornitholestes was a lightly-built dromaeosaur 'raptor' dinosaur measuring roughly 6ft long and closely resembling its asian counterpart Velociraptor. This tooth features some good enamel and great serrations. A definite collectors grade tooth. This and lots more Available at dinofossils.co.uk #dinofossilsuk  #fossilsforsale

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DinoFossilsUK Ichthyosaur and Plesiosaur teeth from Stary Oskol, Belgorod, Russia (Seversk Sandstone) are now available on our store! With it rare to see ichthyosaur and plesiosaur teeth on offer from this location, they would make a fantastic addition to any collection. #dinofossilsuk #fossilsforsale


DinoFossilsUK Just added some really amazing Tyrannosaur teeth (Dasplaetosaurus or Gorgosaurus) from Hill County, Judith River Formation, Montana. This tooth is incomplete but it’s in great condition with good serrations and enamel. This nice big Tyrannosaur tooth and many more are available at www.dinofossils.co.uk (link in our profile) #dinofossilsuk #fossilsforsale

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DinoFossilsUK We’ve just listed lots of very beautiful 98 million year old fossil fish from Byblos, Lebanon. Among them are incredible Cyclobatis Rays, fossil sharks, lobsters, viper fish, mortality plates and lots of very detailed individual fish, all now available at www. dinofossils.co.uk (we ship worldwide) #dinofossilsuk #fossilsforsale

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DinoFossilsUK We’ve just added lots more Megalodon shark teeth to our store! Megalodon was one of the largest and most powerful predators ever to have lived, with some reaching up to an estimated 60ft in length. These teeth are approximately 15 million years old and are from South Carolina, USA. #dinofossilsuk #fossilsforsale

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DinoFossilUK More fossils have been added to our store, including this Tyrannosaurus rex tooth from the Hell Creek Formation. This tooth features some good enamel and serrations, with some natural feeding wear to the tip and mesial carina. It also features a neat repair (tip reattached). A very nice example of a smaller rex tooth! #dinofossilsuk #fossilsforsale

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DinoFossilsUK Lots of Ichthyosaur fossils have been added to our store! Some nice display pieces including teeth, ribs and vertebrae from the Posidonia Shale Formation, Holzmaden, Germany. dinofossilsuk #fossilsforsale