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The Edaphosaurus resembled much of what people would believe today to be a “dinosaur”, however it lived during the Permian period (about 260 million years ago) which is before most dinosaurs. It was very similar to the Dimetrodon in its appearance, except there were generally smaller. They were about a foot shorter than their cousin the Dimetrodon; about 8 feet long. Like most lizards in order to walk, its body moved from side to side. This is a characteristic of animals with legs on its side rather than under it. The Edaphosaurus also had a sail on it’s back, but it was smaller and shaped differently than that of the Dimetrodon.

Edaphosaurus were most active during the day. They were cold blooded animals which meant that their temperature was regulated by external factors (the sun, wind, rain). To get warm during the day these animals would tilt their “sails” towards the sun, and the blood going through this sail would heat up.

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