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    Richardoestesia Dinosaur Teeth - Small/low cost theropod teeth from the Hell Creek Formation.

    Tyrannosaur Dinosaur Tooth Tips - A few small tooth tips from the Hell Creek Fm (all £10 or less!)

    Pectinodon Dinosaur Teeth - Some interesting and low cost theropod teeth from Hell Creek.

    Paronychodon Dinosaur Teeth- Several small/low cost theropod teeth from Hell Creek (All £8 or under!)

    Brachylophosaurus Dinosaur Ribs - Ten hadrosaur rib sections from the Judith River Fm.

    Triceratops Dinosaur Teeth - A few low-cost teeth, several have already sold but more to follow.

    Onchopristis Sawfish Fossils - Onchopristis vertebrae and tooth/vertebra sets

    Megalodon Teeth - A few low-cost Meg teeth listed, with some more sub £10 teeth to follow.

    Crocodile Teeth & Jaw/Scute/Vertebra sets

    Spinosaurus Teeth - A few small/juvenile Spino teeth

    Mosasaur Teeth

    Champsosaur Vertebrae

    Ankylosaurus Tooth

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